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You lock yourself out of your car or home. You don’t have your key on you and a spare key is nowhere to be found. Maybe you accidentally left it on the dining room table and you locked the door from the inside as you were leaving for work. Maybe your mind was somewhere else and you left the key in the ignition as you were out running errands. What do you do in a situation like this? This is where the experts at Locksmith in Panama City Beach come in. Not only can we unlock any door you throw at us, but we also specialize in key replacement services for your vehicle.
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Attention Mercedes vehicle owners!
The Electronic Steering Lock (ELV) system within your steering column may experience a mechanical fault without any warning or external influence. This issue can prevent your vehicle from starting, even if your key is functioning perfectly, due to the inability to activate the ELV system. Our skilled locksmiths are equipped with specialized tools to effectively address and bypass this problem, offering a solution that can save you a significant amount of money compared to dealership prices. We provide prompt service, completing the job within 1 to 1.5 hours, and we’re available for same-day appointments. Don’t hesitate to call us now for assistance!


What We Do

At Allstar Locksmith, we are your locksmith experts. We specialize in key replacement for all types of vehicles including but not limited to Ford, Honda, and luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz and BMWs. Our team of technicians can help you with the following:

Commercial Locks

You’re a business owner or a manager of a retail store and you misplace your key. We can provide you with locksmith services for your warehouse, retail store, single office, office building, or any other commercial space in the Panama City Beach area. We can give you high-quality commercial locksmith services as well as security solutions based on what your business needs.

Your business can benefit from a number of different locksmithing services. A locksmith can provide you with a master key that will allow you to access every lock in your business without having to carry around a large number of keys. They can also provide a re-keying if it’s necessary to update the locks in your establishment. New cylinders are created and your keys will be updated with them. A number of different types of keys and locks can be utilized to create a secure place of business.

Car Locks

Your home or business isn’t the only place where you might need a locksmith. Locksmith in Panama City Beach handles more than just replacing locks on doors and cutting new keys. We have a multitude of services when it comes to the locks on your car too. We can program key fobs, replace your car key, replace a car door lock, replace an ignition switch, change your key fob battery, and copy your car key.

We specialize in key replacement services for several different makes including Ford, Chevy, Honda, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. For over 17 years, we’ve been Panama City’s best place to call for your car’s lock needs whether you need something fixed, replaced, or if you’re locked out of your car and need someone to let you in.

We understand that going through your car dealership or the manufacturer to get a new key with a chip in it can be an issue, which is why we can do those services without having to go through them. No need to deal with the hassle of going to the dealership to get your key fob re-programmed or your key re-chipped or duplicated. We have the technical know-how to handle all of your car lock needs.

Residential Locks

Maybe you’ve locked yourself out of the house or maybe, for one reason or another, you need to replace the locks and keys on your house. We here at Locksmith in Panama City Beach offer a number of services for residents. We can rekey your apartment, install new door locks, or just help you get in your house after you’ve locked yourself out. We can install, repair, and replace any types of door locks, including those found on safes, doors, and gates.

A locksmith can help you if you want to have a new lock installed while you’re remodeling your home, or for security reasons. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to having new locks installed, you can rekey instead, which will only replace the cylinders and the keys themselves. However, if someone has broken into your home, you may want to consider replacing the entire lock to not only ensure better security but to give you peace of mind as well. You can also get new keys cut. This can ensure that you have a spare key in case of emergency or you can have one made to give to someone who may be watching your house while you’re on a trip. A professional locksmith should also be able to repair your locks, within reason, if they are damaged.

Emergency Assistance

We understand that you can’t control when you get locked out of somewhere. It can happen anytime, anywhere and it doesn’t always happen within business hours. That’s why we have locksmiths available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can send members of our team out to you at a moment’s notice to let you in your vehicle or residence. We have the fastest response time of any locksmith in Panama City Beach and can be there for you quickly to make sure you are taken care of in a fast and timely manner while giving you service with a smile. If your home has been broken into, we can have someone out to replace your locks immediately to provide you not only the security you need to stay safe but peace of mind. If you need emergency locksmith assistance at any time day or night, we’re just a phone call away.
Why Us?


We’re affordable

We offer reasonable rates for commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith services. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, give us a call and we can give you our estimate.

We have a quick response time

In an emergency? Did you lock yourself out and need someone to let you in? When you call us, our team will respond quickly to your needs and take care of you in no time.

We provide professional service

When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about who’s taking care of you. We have a team of well-trained professionals who are bonded and insured. When you hire us, you’re hiring people who are more than capable of handling whatever situation comes their way.

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Serving All Surrounding Areas

We’re Here to Serve You

Our Locksmith team is here to do one thing: provide you with the peace of mind you need. Whether that peace of mind comes from having the security of professionally installed locks on your home or business, or it comes from a friendly professional coming to you to help you get into your car or home, we’re here for you. As part of the work we do, we often work with landlords and offer corporate accounts to make sure you have consistent service and accuracy.

Our team of professionals are not only capable of unlocking and installing any type of lock, but we do so to make sure that we can help you to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

Losing keys or being locked out can be a strenuous situation that you never want to find yourself in. We understand this which is why we pride ourselves on having the quickest response time of any locksmith in Panama City Beach. Our technicians will show up fast and get you where you need to go even faster. We want to provide you comfort and customer satisfaction in those moments of stress and provide you service with a smile while handling whatever lock situation you have.
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We’re Affordable & Reliable

We understand that you might not need all of the bells and whistles we have to offer, and we’re okay with that. We won’t try to strong-arm you into something you don’t need. We can assess the accessibility and security of your property and give you straightforward answers to how we feel you can improve the safety and security of your property. This could include a security system complete with security cameras, safes, and even emergency response triggered systems. Or maybe your property only needs something as simple as a jimmy-proof deadbolt. Either way, we want to make sure that whatever your security needs are that we keep it affordable to you the customer. We have a reputation for being the best locksmith in Panama City Beach, and part of that reputation is because we like to build permanent relationships with our customers by keeping our prices affordable for all.
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